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This new film by How's Your News? chronicles our trips to the 2012 republican and democratic conventions. Who will stop and talk to our team? In this film you will see many fun interviews, including Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Barbara Boxer, Mitt Romney, Diane Sawyer, Karl Rove, Sen. Rob Portman, Herman Cain, Anne Coulter, Rep. Michelle Bachman, Olivia Wilde, Stephen Baldwin, Piers Morgan, Jared Leto, Sen. Pat Lehey, Rep Barney Frank, and many, many more!

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Please keep in mind that How's Your News? is a very small, low-budget operation.   No one involved does this for the money - in fact we usually lose money doing it.   You will likely be able to find torrent copies of this film elsewhere and if that's the only way you'll watch it, then we understand and hope you enjoy it, really!   But we hope you'll consider paying 5 bucks for this and if you do we'll be really grateful.  If we can make films like this without losing money, we will continue to do so.  It's up to you!  Thank you.
“Cuts through the hype in ways the pros often could not” NY Times
“Funny like nothing else on TV is funny” Washington Post
“Hilariously Empowering” Entertainment Weekly